About Us

Here is a little information about the creators of DifferThink and what your getting into by coming to this site.

We live in America but we’re not normal Americans.
Oh we tried to settle in to the heavily marketed, normal middle class American life style, but we were not good team players. We failed to consume. I blame it on the numerous layoffs that crippled or budget and our pride. But that’s no excuse. We could have gone in debt for the flashy cars, the season tickets, and the nice shoes. But we didn’t. We preferred a future. Weird, right? But our failure at a normal life style will be your gain!

To top it off in 2003, after yet another layoff, we through in the towel and pulled up stakes.
We moved out into the woods and started building a 100% solar home. Eleven years later we’re still working on it. A lot of the problem is still money and or refusal to except any debt. The learning curve and codes slowed us too, but we’ll go over all of that. The main point here is we are living the life and our experiences and failures will benefit you!

To bring this point up one more time, Money!
We’re low budget, just like the DifferThink web site. We have had to struggle, adapt, and do without. And we’re still here. We’ll pass on what we have learned and give other people the chance to share they’re stories.

While building this house, for the last 11 years we have lived in a 200sq.ft. cabin and not gone insane.
But that’s no big achievement. We have running water, hot water, a frig., and a washing machine. All power and hot water from the sun; heat and cooking from wood. And the sad fact is a lot of the people in the world live with a lot less. But if you’re a minimalist, you should love DifferThink.

We’re Geeks.
Geeks hack away at things until they figure it out. This sharpens the mind. We’re proud to be geeks, although not the sharpest geeks you’ll meet. Geeks are fun, interesting people that will eventually rule the world . So we will provide a form or blog on this site to explain what geek stuff we and others are doing. Feel free to respond or not. We’ll just keep putting out the geek stuff. It’s in our blood.