Interior earthbag bathroom 2
Earthbag construction is the method we chose for the interior walls on our bathrooms. The walls will absorb the heat from the sun during the day, and give it off at night. This is the same concept as the pounded tire interior walls, but the earthbag walls take up a […]

Earthbag Interior Construction

We decided to use a Solahart (now Rheem) system for our domestic solar hot water heating because several other people that have built Earthship style homes in the area have used it. It’s a thermal siphon system that requires no pump if have city water. It has some drawbacks in […]

Solar Hot Water. Indispensable Money Saver.

Building Costs
For most people in the world, the cost of a home will be their single biggest investment. It can be staggering for all but the filthy rich (may all their homes be infested with bed bugs and roaches). Building your own home does not seem to be a lot cheaper, […]

Building Costs. True Cost of Home Building.

It’s true, there are good contractors and there are bad contractors . And I should know because I have had both the good and bad. And beware; there are total crooks that pose as contractors. Note: Please leave a comment or question about this post (in the comment area at […]

Contractors. How to get the good ones.