Our Move to the Woods.

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We used to live in the city. Like most people we spent many hours a week driving in heavy traffic to unfulfilling jobs that we would eventually get laid off from. And every time we would get laid off we would dip into our savings to pay bills until we landed another job, usually at less pay. By the time we got our pay back up to where it was before the layoff, we would get laid off again. We were never getting ahead, we were just getting older. Our chances at landing even a crap job were getting less every year.

So in the late 1990s we started looking for land we could build an alternative style home on. Somewhere out of the city and off the grid. A home with both passive and active solar to cut our bills. And in 1999 we found the land and bought it by taking a 2 nd on the home we had lived in for 18 years.

Next we made a pact that the next time one of us got laid-off we would sell out, move to our land, and start building. And a few years later it happened. So off we went into the great void thinking we would have our home up in a year, maybe 2, and living the good renewable life style.

  1. The house is not done yet. Close but no cookie. But still we are not discouraged and truly feel we made the right choice. We where never happy living the normal middle class life style ( a style that will soon disappear). We had great neighbors, one of the few thing we miss. But with no kids to raise and no interest in becoming in debt, over consuming sports fans, we just could not fit in. So here we are and still moving forward, be it at a snails pace.

The best way to get a good visual tour of our long term alternative home is to go to tirebalehouse.com. My wife made this site and did a fantastic job. She is a professional web designer (even makes money at it). I’m a newbie at it (don’t make one thin dime). Her site is loaded with good information on our building experience.

I’m going into more detail here on our experience. To do this I’ve broken up the site into separate post with comment areas. This way people can tell about there alternative home experiences and ask questions. So here are some good post to look at:

The True Cost of Building.

The True Cost of Building.



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