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If you need to return to the Home page just click on the DifferThink logo in the far upper left corner.


Breadcrumbs are just a horizontal menu built from the path you have taken through this web site. It looks similar to this: Home » This is a 2nd Post » homeless-robot-2. Clicking on any of the selections will take you back to that selection. The breadcrumb menu is located on the upper left, just below the DifferThink logo. There is no breadcrumb menu on the Home page.

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The large Slider Images below the main menu at the top of the Home page have a button labeled “Click” that takes you to Blog Post categories where you can read what is new and leave comments on the subject matter. Slides roll through at a timed rate. However, you my click on the arrows on the left and right sides to move through the Slides.


DifferThink contains Pages with information on various subjects important to the site creators and followers. Three of these pages can be seen below the slider images on the Home page. Other Pages are listed in the Sidebar to the right of the Post area on the Home page, and listed under the title “Pages”. Click on the image or “Read More” button to open the Page for reading. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of most Pages and Post. This is a informational forum site, we need your input to make it work.


The forum Post are the next item down on the Home page, just below the Pages area. The Slider Images above direct you to certain forum Post also. Here you can read and see images of current projects and subjects of interest to this site and the site followers. We encouraged you to leave comments so we may all learn from each other . We’ll use your comments to direct future forum Post subject matter.

The Post on the Home page are the most recent. Just click on the image or the headline. The little red clouds next to the headline are the number of comments made to this Post. You will see all the comments when you open the Post. You can also comment on other comments. More Post can be found by clicking on a category in the Sidebar to the right of the Post area on the Home page. Just look under the Categories title.

When you pull up a Post please note the buttons at the top under the title. These are all the categories and tags this Post is listed under. If you click on a category or tag, all Post in this category or with this tag will come up.

But please, if you leave a comment no profanity or hatred. If that’s your thing just go to almost any other web site or take a walk down the street, you’ll get all you want. Comments containing unacceptable material will not be cleared for submittal to the site.

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The Sidebar to the right of the Post area is a quick way to do a search and to navigate to Pages, Recent Comments, Archives, and Categories.