What’s DifferThink and why you should care.

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So what’s Differthink?


means to intentionally redirect a thought process for a more clear and creative perspective. It also means to differ with common ways of thinking to create a more free, creative, and less violent world.

Why does this site even exist?

To the point: This will be a “How To”’, “Have you tried this”, and a “This is how we did it” site for good, nonviolent, low budget ideas to extend human life on this planet. We desperately need these ideas if we want to be around by 2100. And thinking our “World Leaders” will pull us through is pure suicide. What say we just give those “World Leaders” the boot and give Differthink a try!

So what’s wrong with the way things are going?

Well, currently 95% of people on this planet seem to be *adjunct humanity simply here to guarantee a lavish life for the upper 5%. That could mean that 95% of human thought will only see light if it further enriches the powerful 5%. They’ve got most of the wealth so they’ve got most of the power. Is this sustainable? How much longer will this last? (*adjunct, from Webster’s: “a secondary or nonessential addition, in a temporary or part-time position”. I was adjunct faculty at a small community college for a short time and I can tell you Webster should have added “used and abused” to the definition.)

Where’s the social media?

I’m going to work on it. I have not had the time or money to become social media savvy. Out here in the woods, there is only one cell company that has adequate coverage, and they want $120 a month for a low-level smart phone account. Not in my budget right now. However, I will at least get the social media going on this web site when I learn more and get more time.

Time is limited.

Please stick with me; I don’t have a lot of time to work on this site. My wife and I live the life I write about here. We are building our own solar home out in the woods while trying not to starve. However, we are both computer geeks and will always find time for our web sites. Take a look at our progress here: Tire Bale House.